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Welcome to Pete’s Picture Palace

A completely unique treasure trove of original football press photos all available for immediate and straight sale. When I say “unique”, I mean it – there isn’t another website on the planet doing what I do. And when I say “straight sale”, I mean that too – there’s no bidding here.

It’s easy to place an order – it’s a straightforward process, but if you have any problems or queries please contact me on . And there's a help button on the right, just next to the blue GO button - some instructions are there to help you on your way. 

Or, you might be doing some research and that is absolutely fine – browse away – use all the searches available, make your search as wide or as specific as you wish. I have found people certainly do use my site for research, be it Family History, writing a book, or maybe trying to identify a player or date a photo of their own. I am delighted to be able to help.

And if you see a photo with “unidentified” in the text, and you know who that player or team is, please contact me.

Under the Tags button there are about 50 categories as follows, well worth a look if it's your sort of thing:- Athletics, Auto(graph), Boxing, Cake-making, Celebrity, Commentators, Contraption, Crazy Golf, Cricket, Cycling, Crowd, Dagenham Girl Pipers, Darts, Fans, Fraulein, Golf, Greyhound, Handbags, Head Tennis, Hooligans, Kids, Landlady, League Liner, Linesman, Mascot, Music, Nurse, Ouch!, Penalty!, Photographer, Police, Postcard, Record Player, Referee, Royalty, St John's Ambulance, Shirt-pulling, Snooker, Soldiers, Stadium, Subbuteo, Teamgroup, Tennis, Trophy, USA Hall of Fame, Wags, Weather, Weight-lifter, Wembley, and Women's Football. Just type that word in the Tags field and your choice will be there for you to select.   

All the photos I sell are intended for collectors and are not reproduced or copied other than for display purposes. I do not sell copies of the original photo. Once sold I delete them and I do not expect to see them again on auction sites.

Finally I buy new stock daily, and I don’t update the site daily, so therefore there is always new stock here at PPP Towers awaiting the next update. So, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me – it might be sitting here waiting for you.

Peter Hurn                                              

07726 947666

I have been trading since 2001 and a predecessor of this website ran uninterruptedly from January 2006 to July 2016. I have a large and loyal customer base, many of whom are now my firm friends, but I have thousands of photos in stock and I’m always looking for more customers. Thank you!